3 Non-traditional Days to Get Married

When it comes to days of the week to get married on, most people choose Saturdays. We understand why but sometimes, your budget, work schedule, or preferences may not agree with a Saturday wedding.

It could also be that since you’re having a micro wedding or an elopement, which is out of the norm, you’ve decided to do the same with the day of your wedding. Whatever the case, you don’t have to worry about not holding your wedding ceremony on a Saturday. Here are 3 non-traditional days that you can have your wedding ceremony on.



  • Sundays

Why not choose brunch hours on Sunday to have a low-key wedding ceremony and serve some of your favorite breakfast foods and beverages as part of your service? The intimacy is sure to make your day special and embed itself in the minds of the family and friends that you invite.


  • Wednesday

Get married at our location on a Wednesday and then extend the wedding festivities throughout the weekend. The bonus is that a weekday wedding works well with most places and vendors are typically less expensive to book.


  • Friday

The trick to holding a Friday wedding is in the timing. It is best if you plan your ceremony for late in the evening; long after most of your guests are done with the day. You can extend your reception to an hour or less after midnight. You’d be surprised how much find that can be. You’ll love it and it’s sure to make your small wedding or elopement all the more unique.

Here at The Mini Wedding, we’d love to help you plan your elopement or small wedding on any day of the week you wish. We’ll help you with your small wedding, all-inclusive wedding, elopement, and second wedding too.

Planning small weddings is our specialty and we excel at what we do. Reach out to us and we’ll help you start planning your big day-even though it’s a small wedding! You can call us at 760-689-6073 or leave us an email at [email protected] We’d be more than happy to hear from you!

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4 Tips for a Chic and Exciting Small Wedding

When most people hear the word ‘chic’ used alongside a wedding, they simply assume ‘classy’ and ‘elegant’ hold no potency anymore, but we beg to differ. When it comes to having a chic wedding, the secret is to take your regular wedding, swap out the traditions that you don’t value or understand and replace them with those you do. We give some examples of changes that you can put in place at your wedding in the few paragraphs below.



  • Your Wedding Dress

For the non-white option, you can wear a striped wedding dress or floral one; the idea is yours to play with. Or how about a white gown decorated with clean lines and minimalist design?


  • Your Bridal Party

If you don’t want bridesmaids or a chief bridesmaid at your wedding, that’s fine. But if you’re someone with many friends, outfitting them with various dresses is a workaround and still very chic. Have everyone pick styles and designs that fit them. The result will be something playful, elegant, and classy.


  • Use Greenery

This is one way to have a literal fresh reception. Centerpieces with an overflow of greenery and arrangements of vines, leaves, and other lush green foliage alongside a bouquet free of blooms are a great way to go contemporary.


  • Your Catering

Quality treats and hors d’oeuvres, seasonal/locally sourced foods, and perfect bites at the cocktail hour are the way to go here. Late-night snacks are also in theme for a chic wedding-we recommend a late-night pizza bar?

Chic and small weddings are a specialty for us here at the Mini Wedding. We also help with small weddings, all-inclusive weddings, second weddings, and elopements. You can call us at 760-689-6073, and leave us an email at [email protected] We’re always ready to help you in any way we can. Contact us today and we promise you your wedding will be a wonderful and beautiful affair!

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3 Ways to Choose Your Wedding Date

You’re now engaged, and the initial excitement and happiness that came with it have died down a bit. You’ve also started thinking of what to say when everyone starts asking, “When’s the wedding?” or “How soon is the big day?”

Choosing the most important day of your life might induce anxiety but just remember that at the end of the day, you’ll be married to the one who completes you. Your loved ones will all be there to celebrate the special day with you. That thought alone should ease you.

With that being said, one way to cater to this little problem is to make a list of dates that you do not want and then narrow everything down until you reach the perfect date. You could also choose the anniversary of when you first met as your wedding date; a birthday or New Year’s Eve works well too. But if none of these catch your fancy, here are a few other ways you can choose your wedding date.



  • Going by The Season

Choosing the date by the season means you’re really interested in what your surroundings and photos are going to be and look like. This way of selecting a wedding date is also trendy. Most people choose autumn, while the second most popular season is spring.


  • Going by The Month

Fewer people choose their wedding dates by the month but some months are popular with couples. March, for instance, is the most popular month to get married in. The least popular month is December, as many people tend to think that potential guests will be too busy with festivities to attend.


  • Based on The Venue

The first supplier that most couples book for their wedding is their venue. A lot of couples choose their wedding date based on the availability of the place they want. You can also select a non-traditional wedding day to solve the availability problem if it persists.

Don’t forget that when it comes to planning your small wedding in California, The Mini Wedding has got you covered. We can help with elopements, second weddings, all-inclusive weddings, and more intimate affairs. Have any more questions? You can call us at 760-689-6073, and leave us an email at [email protected]

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6 Things to Consider About an Elopement

So, you’ve decided to elope. Excellent choice! Elopements are becoming more popular as more couples forgo tradition and decide the love between two people is more than enough for a ceremony. There is also the fact that this pandemic is still quite potent, so how long will you keep pushing back your wedding? Whatever your reason, elopements have become commonplace this year. As irregular as they are, they still have etiquettes that you should follow, and we’ll talk about some of them here.



  • Research

Legal requirements for weddings differ depending on the city, state, and country where you are. They can include anything from a simple marriage license to a premarital blood test, witnesses, and a waiting period before you can officially say your vows. There are even places that allow you to self-solemnize your marriage, meaning you don’t need an officiant to make it official. Find out which applies to the location of your elopement.

  • Plan

It won’t be as elaborate and stressful as the planning of a traditional wedding, but you will still need some planning. For example, you’ll need to pick a location.

  • Spend Strategically

While eloping is a fantastic way to save money, it does not mean that you need to skimp on everything. A few strategic splurges here and there could help to make this day more memorable. Just because it’s an elopement does not mean that it isn’t special.

  • Telling Your Loved Ones

Your closest family and friends should be aware of your elopement almost immediately after the ceremony. If you can’t share the news in person, a phone call can suffice. Whatever you do, don’t only send the news in a text. It is way too personal to be delivered that way.  Be open and honest about the reasons why you and your partner chose to elope, and maybe consider celebrating with them shortly afterward with a cocktail hour or a reception.

  • Send Out A Formal Announcement

After informing those close to you, you can then send out information through photo cards or a post so that anyone else you would have normally invited to a ‘traditional’ wedding will be aware. If you do decide to host a post-elopement celebration, you can include details of that in your announcement.

  • Should You Have A Register?

If you’re not having an actual reception after your ceremony, you probably shouldn’t. Ultimately, however, it depends on you. A nice modest registry with reasonably priced gifts that people can use to say congrats would not be out of the question, though.

Here at the Mini Wedding, we’d love to help you plan your elopement. We can also help you with destination weddings, small weddings, all-inclusive weddings, and second weddings. All you have to do is reach out to us to get started. You can call us at 760-689-6073, and leave us an email at [email protected]

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4 Tips on Planning A Budget-Friendly Small Wedding

If the long guest list, grand ballrooms, and an endless amount of spending are not your thing, the Mini Wedding can more than empathize with you. You can circumvent this problem by having a small wedding instead. But with weddings, even if you’re having a small one, you can still find yourself splurging, the small guest list notwithstanding. So here are some great ways that you can keep your budget small for your small wedding.





  • Stick to A Small Guest List

This is where it all begins. One of the easiest ways to cut the budget for a wedding is to reduce the number of people attending. This number determines the kind of venue you go for and affects the amount of food and drinks you’ll serve your guests. Keeping a small guest list is the best way to cut costs.


  • Think Out of The Box

You’re already avoiding tradition by not having a big wedding, why not go all the way? Private locations for intimate ceremonies tend to be less expensive. You can also choose off-peak seasons and a nontraditional day to hold your event, thereby cutting further costs.


  • Focus on The Important Stuff

Does your diet restrict you from eating cakes? Ditch it! Because your wedding is small, you can switch out many of the traditional elements of a wedding and get away with it. How about going down the aisle in a colorful gown that is anything but the traditional white color?


  • Stay True to Yourselves

Remember that when it comes to a small wedding, your happiness matters more than anything else. Not everyone will be happy with all your decisions so brace yourself for things like that and so be ready to stick to your decision. Keep things simple and you’ll be fine. If you find your spending exceeding what you have budgeted, forego some things that you don’t deem absolutely necessary.

Don’t forget that when it comes to planning your small wedding in California, The Mini Wedding has got you covered. We’ll help you with your small weddings, second weddings, destination weddings, elopements, and all-inclusive weddings. Have any more questions? You can call us at 760-689-6073, and leave us an email at [email protected]

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6 Ways to Make Your Small Weddings More Special

Small weddings are unique. We spoke about the benefits of smaller weddings in our last post. They are easier to plan and can be very fun, but that does not mean you should take the planning process lightly. Work still has to be put in to make everything play out exactly as you want it to. Have a read of these 6 tips from the Mini Wedding and see if they don’t make planning easier and inject fun into it too.



  • Let Your Imagination Run Wild

The lower the number of guests you have to plan for, the lower your budget. This means that you can explore some unique things without any inhibitions; things that couples planning larger weddings might have to contend with. Fewer guests also mean fewer opinions to please. Either way, you always more freedom to do what you want with smaller weddings.


  • Cover the Basics

Regardless of your wedding size, you need food, music, and drinks to keep your guests happy. Food is the base; the drinks loosen people up, and dancing adds to the fun. Start with those basics when planning your evening of celebration.


  • Dress Up

Small your wedding may be, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look fabulous. It’s a small wedding but it’s a grand day for you, isn’t it? So, dress up for it. Wear something special that you’ll look back on years from now smile anytime you see the pictures.


  • Hire A Photographer

You’ll want to document your wedding too, so find a photographer that’s adept at creating custom packages that suit your wedding and hire them.


  • Make It Meaningful

Don’t skip the chance to share intimate words of promise while your loved ones surround you, their smiles bright and filled with pride. Add in sentimental words, phrases, and messages to give your wedding day a personal touch.


  • Create A Personal Experience for Your Guests

A personal touch is fine and good but always acknowledge your guests too. A handwritten note to each guest is a nice touch; hand-painted invitations work great too. It is much easier to do this because the wedding is small, so there is enough time and fewer people to cater to, meaning you can show each and everyone in attendance the same level of appreciation.  They will love you for doing that and the day itself will be more meaningful and beautiful.

Don’t forget that when it comes to planning your small wedding in California, The Mini Wedding is here to heed your every need. We help you with small weddings, destination weddings, second weddings, elopements, and all-inclusive weddings. If you’ve always wanted your dream wedding to be a close-knit affair between you and only a few individuals special to you, the Mini Wedding would be more than happy to make that dream come true.

Do you have any more questions? You can call us at 760-689-6073, and leave us an email at [email protected]

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Should We Elope?

In all honesty, there is no right or wrong answer to this question. But if you’re here reading this, chances are you feel eloping might be the best option to take, don’t you? The recent pandemic has obviously changed the way weddings are held. You might be short on funds too, so you won’t have enough to handle all the wedding planning and executing. Conversely, the money might not be an issue, rather you’ve opted to spend it on something else, no? In such cases-and others like it-eloping is really the most convenient option you can explore.

Eloping is no longer the taboo it once was. Maybe you’re not even planning to elope because of any of the above reasons; perhaps a quiet ceremony is what you seek, yes? Either way, before you choose to elope, consider the following and you’ll understand what makes eloping so great.



  • It Is A Personal Decision

Eloping is a personal decision between you and your spouse. You both must follow your heart’s desires so that you can both be happy.


  • You Can Still Have A Ceremony

The fact that you are eloping does not mean you can’t have a ceremony at all. You could still host a small reception for intimate families and friends.



  • You’ll Need A Wedding Planner

Even if you’re eloping, you’ll still need a wedding planner. Some planning will have to be done, your marriage license must be acquired, and a location must be chosen.


  • Some Other Vital Things

You will also need to purchase your rings and hire a photographer to take pictures. It’s a great idea to have timeless photos that can always take you back to relieve all the wonder of your wedding day.



  • The Aftermath

After you’re married, you should put out a wedding announcement. Yes, some family and friends might feel indignant but most of them will empathize and be happy for you. And this announcement is a great way to post some pictures and alert people that they will not need to save any dates. They’ll know you’re now married, so expect a lot of congratulatory messages and wedding gifts-the ones they planned to bring to your ceremony.

Here at The Mini Wedding, we’d love to help you plan your elopement. All you have to do is reach out to us to get started. You can call us at 760-689-6073, and leave us an email at [email protected].

At the Mini Wedding, we focus on second weddings, small destination weddings, all-inclusive weddings, and elopements, of course. Contact us today and we’ll help you elope and have a wedding that’s as fun as it is romantic!



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2 Tips on Having a Local Elopement

COVID-19 has really done a number on the planet but people are still celebrating events that mean the world to them. Yes, traveling is not as simple as it was once, so eloping to a faraway destination is more a hassle than anything else, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t elope.

There are great alternatives all around you; nearby places you can still go and have a truly amazing and memorable experience. There’s never a need to travel halfway across the world when local elopement yields much the same wonderful experience.

Arguably the most wonderful thing about an elopement is it gives you the option of infusing it with your own energy, creativity, and personality. All you need are a few tips on how to make your elopement as memorable as you want, and we’ll help you out with that today.



  • Great local activities and sights

There is an urban myth that where you grew up has little to offer in excitement when compared to somewhere foreign and exotic, and while this may be true to a certain extent, it doesn’t mean your immediate surroundings are completely devoid of fun and excitement.

All you have to do is just look at it differently and in a new light; what would the local park look like if you added some bright decorations and used it for an elopement celebration? Or maybe that light forest that’s not too far? Don’t you think that’ll be a great elopement adventure? A museum, a theater, the beach, and even caves all make great places for elopement.


  • Local accommodations for elopements

Here’s a question: What’s one of the most exciting things about staying in a location far from home after eloping? The hotels, right? Everyone would want to experience what it feels like to lounge in a 5-star hotel but this is not necessary for you to have a great time.

The majority of American cities boast amazing hotels even if they’re not the most expensive or luxurious ones out there. These are all still great places to see and spend some quality time with the one who completes you. Better yet, arrange to have your elopement there. It saves you money and you still have fun because your better half is always right there with you.

Won’t you allow us to make all this possible for you? We are the Mini Wedding, professional and expert wedding planners from the Big Apple. If you’re planning on eloping or having your small wedding in San Diego, we’re the ones to talk to.

Come see for elopements, second weddings, small destination weddings, and all-inclusive weddings. Contact the Mini Wedding today for a compact wedding that yet retains all the fun and excitement of a grand affair.

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The Benefits of Smaller Weddings

Sometimes, ‘less is more’, and weddings are no exception to this too. Grand weddings draw the eye but there’s more to what makes a wedding special, isn’t there? A wedding is a union between you and the one who completes you, so bright lights and flair are mere options; never a necessity.

The Mini Wedding from Fallbrook, California, will be honored to be a part of your small yet truly wonderful wedding.  We believe every couple should get at least one chance to see their dream wedding come true. Every couple deserves a wedding ceremony that plays out exactly how they want it to.  We can make all this happen.

Smaller weddings are more affordable, easier to organize, more intimate, and are a far more potent medium for romance to blossom. Have a read of the little piece below and you’ll understand why so many couples prefer a quiet, cozy wedding to a large, raucous affair.



  • There is Less Strain on Your Wallet

The cost of a wedding is often a bone of contention between couples because rarely are there adequate funds to tend to all the guests. Catering for over 100 guests alone can really strain your wallet. The seating, the food, and table decorations are all things you have to consider and budget for. And the longer the ceremony goes, the more money you have to spend.

Why go through this much trouble when a small wedding can meet your wedding needs as well as a large one can? Invite little more than 5 people who mean the world to you and your wedding will never lack life or excitement. Because everywhere you look, you’ll see a smiling face that’s close to your heart.

A small wedding means a smaller and-probably-more affordable wedding venue and a menu that will be considerably easier to customize to your exact taste or want.


  • There is Less Stress on You

Stress is one of the most potent threats to a successful wedding, and that’s no exaggeration. It can compound matters more than you might believe.

Do you really need to host your wedding in an extremely expensive venue just to celebrate your happiness? Is it a necessity that’s worth ruining your grand day? No, it’s not.

Go for something lovely that you can comfortably spend money on. Anything and any place can look beautiful if done the right way and handled by the right people, so be mindful of that.

The Mini Wedding in Southern California can help you with all this. We talk about how wonderful small weddings are because we know all the steps it takes to make one happen, and we love how special each step is; we enlighten our clients on why a small wedding is the best value for money because we see little use for waste; we’re never surprised when clients’ expectations are exceeded because our venue is as unique as it is exquisite.

If you want to have your small wedding in San Diego, we’re the ones to talk to. If you seek something a little more adventurous and plan to elope, we’re still the ones you should talk to. Come see us about elopements, second weddings, small destination weddings, and all-inclusive weddings too.

We are professional, expert wedding planners who can’t wait to make your wedding the most special of events. Reach out to us and we’ll show you why a small wedding is the obvious choice to make!

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