Even if you’ve have decided to plan a small wedding, there are still important details you have to pay attention to. We’ve met quite a number of couples who think because a wedding is small, it needs less attention than a larger and grander wedding.

While the logic behind this is sound and true to a certain extent, it’s not entirely the safest way to approach how you plan a small wedding. Because at the end of the day, you want to be happy and you want your guests to be entertained and happy too, and this necessitates you to take some necessary steps and put as much attention as you would have given a larger wedding.

With that out of the way, listed below are 2 very important must-haves for a small wedding.


Wedding couple at small wedding in San Diego


  • A comprehensive budget

Whether you are planning a small or a large wedding, you need to have a comprehensive budget that will see the wedding is planned and executed perfectly. So, right from the get-go, you have to draw out a budget to tend to every detail of the day. Over time, this budget will be subject to timely revisions but having it is very important to ascertain effective planning.


  • A ready guest list

A small wedding requires a small number of guests. You and your spouse have to discuss the guest list. Write out the people you will like to be in attendance. And ask your partner for names and discuss them with both parents as well. Make sure you constantly revise this list as you go on with preparations. When you are sure everything with regards to the venue and date has been figured out, you can start sending invitations to guests on the list so they can plan ahead to attend.

With a comprehensive budget and a ready guest list, you are almost ready to have the perfect small wedding. But other matters and details require your attention too. For one, you must start planning early enough. Commence by scheduling a consultation with a professional wedding planner to discuss your plans for your big day. Have open and honest consultations with the professional. And all your vendors must be the very best you can secure. Discuss issues around the amount you have to spend, your choice venue, and the number of guests you hope to have in attendance. By doing this, the wedding planner will know how best to help you achieve the small wedding of your dreams.


Having talked about the planning process involved in putting together a small wedding, what is left is a professional touch to perfect the day and that’s where the Mini Wedding comes in.

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