If you have decided to write your own wedding vows, you want this to be perfect. These are more than just words – and they are even more than just promises. Your wedding vows are the very foundation upon which your future will be built. They at the basis of your marriage. What are some of the questions you should ask yourself when writing your wedding vows? We have gathered them below – continue reading if you are searching for a little bit of inspiration.



  • Why Are You Two Together?

Why are you getting married? The obvious answer is because you love your significant other and you want to spend your lives together. If you dig deeper though, you will think of all the reasons that make this person so amazing, so special, so absolutely unique. The reasons that make you smile every time you think of them. The reasons that make you want to spend every minute of the rest of your lives together.


  • What’s Your Love Story?

What are the things that make it unique? When did you meet? How was your first date? Is there a cute/ funny story related to the beginning of your relationship (that wouldn’t embarrass your SO)? Think of everything really, really amazing with your relationship, and bring it forward into your wedding vows.


  • What Are Your Hopes?

How do you picture your future with your SO? Is it traveling the world? Having a lot of kids and a large family? Supporting each other’s careers? Whatever it is, include it in your wedding vows because it will make it genuine, beautiful, and full of true joy. As mentioned in the beginning, your vows lie at the foundation of your future – so why not show a bit of what you picture for your future with your loved one?


  • What Does Your Partner Want?

Every person is different – and we all care about different things in different proportions. As the person about to get married to your SO, you should know what they care about the most. And most importantly, you should be able to offer that to them – through thin and thick. Place this at the foundation of your wedding vow promise.

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