It does not take a fortune teller to deduce that one of the trends that we’ll be seeing next year is that of smaller weddings and, by extension, smaller wedding parties. As a result, couples will also be looking for small wedding venues in San Diego. We can help with that. This trend does not, however, come without benefits. We understand that it might be a little challenging to narrow down those you want by your side. Especially if you have many close friends and a big extended family. Here are some of the benefits to this trend that could help cheer you up.



  • You’ll Save Time

If you’ve ever been part of a bridal party getting ready in the morning, you’ll discover that time runs pretty quickly. Couples often have to make concessions like waking up extra early so that they can fit in the hair and makeup of all the party members and the bride in time for the wedding ceremony. With a small wedding party, however, that worry goes right out the door. You can agree with us when we say that although it can be fun, the time taken to shoot a wedding party of 20 will differ from the time taken to shoot a wedding party of just six.

  • You’ll Spend Less

Everyone knows that the number of guests is one of the things that can drive the cost of a wedding to a high number. Little things tend to add up the cost really quickly, and before you know it, you’re overshooting your budget. A smaller wedding party and a more modest wedding mean fewer expenses for you.

  • Your Ceremony Will Be More Intimate

A wedding where you are surrounded by only the people most important to you is an intimate wedding. You’ll find that romance comes easily in such an atmosphere, and the ceremony is generally of better quality.

  • It Is Safer

At the risk of sounding like a Captain Obvious, a smaller wedding will be the best for your safety for a while. At least until a solution to this pandemic is found. This will surely make it easier for those you leave out of your wedding party list to understand, so you’ll face little friction from them. If you’ll be holding your wedding next year, this is a trend that you should consider. Best of luck!!!

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