Small outdoor weddings are usually a great idea due to the limitless opportunities that they offer. You can tailor your costs, decoration, seating arrangements, and whatever else you and your partner decide on, for a small outdoor wedding.

The weather is usually a determining factor when it comes to having a small outdoor wedding. Outdoor weddings in the spring can be tricky and are completely unadvisable in the winter. There are ways to work around these if you’re still determined. Where there is a will there is a way right? Other than that, here are some reasons why we feel small outdoor weddings are the best especially now when social distancing is important.



  • The Natural View and Beautiful Scenery of the Outdoors

The beauty of the outdoors is sure to create a romantic and awe-inspiring atmosphere for your wedding. It can also serve as decor or as a backdrop to whatever design you choose to incorporate.

Outdoor weddings are also a family-friendly atmosphere, as there is enough space for kids to run around and have fun while their parents concentrate on the wedding. You can even organize lawn games to keep them occupied at our venue.

  • Space

We’ve already talked about kids having enough space to play in as an advantage, but there is more about space when it comes to small outdoor weddings at this time. With outdoor weddings, you can social distance adequately and keep everybody safe.

  • Perfect Wedding Photos

Outdoor weddings are known for the amazing photos that come with them. With nature and the right lighting, your photographer can work wonders. You also get more options for your photoshoot, because you can decorate or arrange in whatever way you please.

  • The Ambiance

A small outdoor wedding will come with an amazing romantic ambiance that can sometimes be difficult to achieve in a closed-off space.

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