If you are an introvert and your wedding is coming up, it is natural and completely healthy to feel a little conflicted about the happy day. You’re excited that you will soon marry the love of your life because you’ll be seeing family and friends that you have not seen in quite a while.

However, you can’t quite bring yourself to ignore the dread you feel because you know you’ll be the center of attention for the better part of the day. Here at the Mini Wedding, we understand how that feels and what it often entails, so we’ll help you out a bit. the found that the following tips work best for introverted brides like you.



  • You Don’t Have to Put on A Show

One of the worries you are probably facing is the thought that your guests won’t have a good time. The average time for a reception seems like it is too long, and you’re probably wondering if you can ditch it altogether. With the proper planning of events that we can help you do; you’ll find that you don’t have to run. Remember that your guests are mostly adults who know how to handle themselves in social situations.


  • Stick to A Small Wedding

As an introvert, you probably find large groups to be overwhelming. Eliminate that by doing your best to keep your wedding guest list low. The smaller your wedding, the more intimate and comfortable it will be for you.


  • Opt for A First Look

Before your wedding ceremony, see the love of your life away from all your guests and even your wedding party. This should help with the ‘pre-wedding jitters’ and ready you to face the day’s excitement.


  • Hire A Trustworthy Wedding Planner

That’s us! The last thing you want to do is plan your wedding while stressed out; you don’t want to be overwhelmed when the sun breaks to mark your wedding day. We excel at planning small weddings, all-inclusive weddings, elopements, and second weddings too, and we would love to help with yours. Consider us an investment in your wedding planning sanity and contact us today!

Chic and small weddings are a specialty for us here at the Mini Wedding. Ready to have yours? Plan on eloping to San Diego or looking for small wedding venues in San Diego? Simply call us on760-689-6073 and we’ll help you find what’s perfect for your small wedding. You can also leave us an email at [email protected] We’ll be more than prepared to help in any way we can. Contact us today!