You’re now engaged, and the initial excitement and happiness that came with it have died down a bit. You’ve also started thinking of what to say when everyone starts asking, “When’s the wedding?” or “How soon is the big day?”

Choosing the most important day of your life might induce anxiety but just remember that at the end of the day, you’ll be married to the one who completes you. Your loved ones will all be there to celebrate the special day with you. That thought alone should ease you.

With that being said, one way to cater to this little problem is to make a list of dates that you do not want and then narrow everything down until you reach the perfect date. You could also choose the anniversary of when you first met as your wedding date; a birthday or New Year’s Eve works well too. But if none of these catch your fancy, here are a few other ways you can choose your wedding date.



  • Going by The Season

Choosing the date by the season means you’re really interested in what your surroundings and photos are going to be and look like. This way of selecting a wedding date is also trendy. Most people choose autumn, while the second most popular season is spring.


  • Going by The Month

Fewer people choose their wedding dates by the month but some months are popular with couples. March, for instance, is the most popular month to get married in. The least popular month is December, as many people tend to think that potential guests will be too busy with festivities to attend.


  • Based on The Venue

The first supplier that most couples book for their wedding is their venue. A lot of couples choose their wedding date based on the availability of the place they want. You can also select a non-traditional wedding day to solve the availability problem if it persists.

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