If the long guest list, grand ballrooms, and an endless amount of spending are not your thing, the Mini Wedding can more than empathize with you. You can circumvent this problem by having a small wedding instead. But with weddings, even if you’re having a small one, you can still find yourself splurging, the small guest list notwithstanding. So here are some great ways that you can keep your budget small for your small wedding.





  • Stick to A Small Guest List

This is where it all begins. One of the easiest ways to cut the budget for a wedding is to reduce the number of people attending. This number determines the kind of venue you go for and affects the amount of food and drinks you’ll serve your guests. Keeping a small guest list is the best way to cut costs.


  • Think Out of The Box

You’re already avoiding tradition by not having a big wedding, why not go all the way? Private locations for intimate ceremonies tend to be less expensive. You can also choose off-peak seasons and a nontraditional day to hold your event, thereby cutting further costs.


  • Focus on The Important Stuff

Does your diet restrict you from eating cakes? Ditch it! Because your wedding is small, you can switch out many of the traditional elements of a wedding and get away with it. How about going down the aisle in a colorful gown that is anything but the traditional white color?


  • Stay True to Yourselves

Remember that when it comes to a small wedding, your happiness matters more than anything else. Not everyone will be happy with all your decisions so brace yourself for things like that and so be ready to stick to your decision. Keep things simple and you’ll be fine. If you find your spending exceeding what you have budgeted, forego some things that you don’t deem absolutely necessary.

Don’t forget that when it comes to planning your small wedding in California, The Mini Wedding has got you covered. We’ll help you with your small weddings, second weddings, destination weddings, elopements, and all-inclusive weddings. Have any more questions? You can call us at 760-689-6073, and leave us an email at [email protected]