Small weddings are unique. We spoke about the benefits of smaller weddings in our last post. They are easier to plan and can be very fun, but that does not mean you should take the planning process lightly. Work still has to be put in to make everything play out exactly as you want it to. Have a read of these 6 tips from the Mini Wedding and see if they don’t make planning easier and inject fun into it too.



  • Let Your Imagination Run Wild

The lower the number of guests you have to plan for, the lower your budget. This means that you can explore some unique things without any inhibitions; things that couples planning larger weddings might have to contend with. Fewer guests also mean fewer opinions to please. Either way, you always more freedom to do what you want with smaller weddings.


  • Cover the Basics

Regardless of your wedding size, you need food, music, and drinks to keep your guests happy. Food is the base; the drinks loosen people up, and dancing adds to the fun. Start with those basics when planning your evening of celebration.


  • Dress Up

Small your wedding may be, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look fabulous. It’s a small wedding but it’s a grand day for you, isn’t it? So, dress up for it. Wear something special that you’ll look back on years from now smile anytime you see the pictures.


  • Hire A Photographer

You’ll want to document your wedding too, so find a photographer that’s adept at creating custom packages that suit your wedding and hire them.


  • Make It Meaningful

Don’t skip the chance to share intimate words of promise while your loved ones surround you, their smiles bright and filled with pride. Add in sentimental words, phrases, and messages to give your wedding day a personal touch.


  • Create A Personal Experience for Your Guests

A personal touch is fine and good but always acknowledge your guests too. A handwritten note to each guest is a nice touch; hand-painted invitations work great too. It is much easier to do this because the wedding is small, so there is enough time and fewer people to cater to, meaning you can show each and everyone in attendance the same level of appreciation.  They will love you for doing that and the day itself will be more meaningful and beautiful.

Don’t forget that when it comes to planning your small wedding in California, The Mini Wedding is here to heed your every need. We help you with small weddings, destination weddings, second weddings, elopements, and all-inclusive weddings. If you’ve always wanted your dream wedding to be a close-knit affair between you and only a few individuals special to you, the Mini Wedding would be more than happy to make that dream come true.

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