In all honesty, there is no right or wrong answer to this question. But if you’re here reading this, chances are you feel eloping might be the best option to take, don’t you? The recent pandemic has obviously changed the way weddings are held. You might be short on funds too, so you won’t have enough to handle all the wedding planning and executing. Conversely, the money might not be an issue, rather you’ve opted to spend it on something else, no? In such cases-and others like it-eloping is really the most convenient option you can explore.

Eloping is no longer the taboo it once was. Maybe you’re not even planning to elope because of any of the above reasons; perhaps a quiet ceremony is what you seek, yes? Either way, before you choose to elope, consider the following and you’ll understand what makes eloping so great.



  • It Is A Personal Decision

Eloping is a personal decision between you and your spouse. You both must follow your heart’s desires so that you can both be happy.


  • You Can Still Have A Ceremony

The fact that you are eloping does not mean you can’t have a ceremony at all. You could still host a small reception for intimate families and friends.



  • You’ll Need A Wedding Planner

Even if you’re eloping, you’ll still need a wedding planner. Some planning will have to be done, your marriage license must be acquired, and a location must be chosen.


  • Some Other Vital Things

You will also need to purchase your rings and hire a photographer to take pictures. It’s a great idea to have timeless photos that can always take you back to relieve all the wonder of your wedding day.



  • The Aftermath

After you’re married, you should put out a wedding announcement. Yes, some family and friends might feel indignant but most of them will empathize and be happy for you. And this announcement is a great way to post some pictures and alert people that they will not need to save any dates. They’ll know you’re now married, so expect a lot of congratulatory messages and wedding gifts-the ones they planned to bring to your ceremony.

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