Sometimes, ‘less is more’, and weddings are no exception to this too. Grand weddings draw the eye but there’s more to what makes a wedding special, isn’t there? A wedding is a union between you and the one who completes you, so bright lights and flair are mere options; never a necessity.

The Mini Wedding from Fallbrook, California, will be honored to be a part of your small yet truly wonderful wedding.  We believe every couple should get at least one chance to see their dream wedding come true. Every couple deserves a wedding ceremony that plays out exactly how they want it to.  We can make all this happen.

Smaller weddings are more affordable, easier to organize, more intimate, and are a far more potent medium for romance to blossom. Have a read of the little piece below and you’ll understand why so many couples prefer a quiet, cozy wedding to a large, raucous affair.



  • There is Less Strain on Your Wallet

The cost of a wedding is often a bone of contention between couples because rarely are there adequate funds to tend to all the guests. Catering for over 100 guests alone can really strain your wallet. The seating, the food, and table decorations are all things you have to consider and budget for. And the longer the ceremony goes, the more money you have to spend.

Why go through this much trouble when a small wedding can meet your wedding needs as well as a large one can? Invite little more than 5 people who mean the world to you and your wedding will never lack life or excitement. Because everywhere you look, you’ll see a smiling face that’s close to your heart.

A small wedding means a smaller and-probably-more affordable wedding venue and a menu that will be considerably easier to customize to your exact taste or want.


  • There is Less Stress on You

Stress is one of the most potent threats to a successful wedding, and that’s no exaggeration. It can compound matters more than you might believe.

Do you really need to host your wedding in an extremely expensive venue just to celebrate your happiness? Is it a necessity that’s worth ruining your grand day? No, it’s not.

Go for something lovely that you can comfortably spend money on. Anything and any place can look beautiful if done the right way and handled by the right people, so be mindful of that.

The Mini Wedding in Southern California can help you with all this. We talk about how wonderful small weddings are because we know all the steps it takes to make one happen, and we love how special each step is; we enlighten our clients on why a small wedding is the best value for money because we see little use for waste; we’re never surprised when clients’ expectations are exceeded because our venue is as unique as it is exquisite.

If you want to have your small wedding in San Diego, we’re the ones to talk to. If you seek something a little more adventurous and plan to elope, we’re still the ones you should talk to. Come see us about elopements, second weddings, small destination weddings, and all-inclusive weddings too.

We are professional, expert wedding planners who can’t wait to make your wedding the most special of events. Reach out to us and we’ll show you why a small wedding is the obvious choice to make!